Wrestling With God

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Wrestling With God is a valuable contribution to Holocaust literature.  Edited by Steven T. Katz, Shlomo Biderman, and Gershon Greenberg and published in 2007, it is a comprehensive volume appropriately subtitled “Jewish Theological Responses during and after the Holocaust.”   This book is not for the casual reader.  Each selection demands a sophisticated understanding of the Jewish tradition even with some technical terms translated or explained by the editors along with a short synopsis as an introduction.  Further, many of the selections are dense philosophical or theological essays that assume more than a passing familiarity with Jewish sources and religious philosophy.  Even so, it is one of the few English texts available that provides entry into the thinking of a variety of ultra-Orthodox and Israeli ideologues.   Secular and American thinkers are also covered without bias.  Accordingly, this book offers comprehensive coverage of the subject.   Extensive bibliographies at the end of each of the three sections into which the book is divided are a valuable resource.    


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What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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