Rituals and Feelings – Emor 5782

The sacral calendar in chapter 23 of the Book of Leviticus includes mention of what is subsequently called Yom Kippur. It is intended to be a day of “affliction” as well as a day of cessation from labor (Lev. 23:27-28). But what, exactly, constitutes “affliction” goes...

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Actions Over Words- Passover 5782

In its discussion about preparing for Passover, the Talmud (Pesahim 4b) concludes that according to the Torah a verbal renunciation of all leaven in a Jew’s possession is all that is required in order to fulfill the Scriptural requirement to destroy all hametz....

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Being Alone – Metzora 5782

Swedish film star Greta Garbo was widely acclaimed for her beauty and elegance. She left behind a lasting impression in such films as the 1927 Flesh and the Devil and the 1935 screen version of Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel Anna Karenina. She retired from the movie...

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The Way Up – VaYikra 5782

The Book of Leviticus begins with a series of rules regarding the various kinds of sacrifices and the occasions on which they are to be offered, the first of which is the burnt offering or ‘olah, in Hebrew. In A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, authors...

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Words to Live By

What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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