Pekude 5784 – Checklists

The pattern is unmistakable. Following each description of the fashioning of the items included in the Tabernacle, the text confirms that the instructions were dutifully followed. With regard to the priestly garments, they made them “just as God commanded Moses”...

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Ki Tissa 5784 – Recalculating

Today, any driver who sets out on a trip – even when the driver is familiar with the area – engages Waze or Google Maps or some other GPS system. There is comfort in having one’s route confirmed by technology. But there comes a time when the route the system projects...

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Terumah 5784 – Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts of America have fallen into disuetude. At the height of its popularity in the second half of the twentieth century, hardly a church or synagogue did not sponsor a troop. Intended to develop good character and citizenship in addition to teaching useful...

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Yitro 5784 – Original Sin?

Jews even moderately familiar with Christianity know that one of the essential differences between Judaism and Christianity is that a feature of Christian dogma is the concept of original sin. How shocking it is, then, that according to second century sage, Rabbi...

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How Jews See the World – Bo 5784

When Hebrew words carry multiple meanings, it is sometimes difficult to tell which one is contextually correct. Such is the case with the Hebrew root “sha’al” which can mean either “to ask” or “to borrow.” The biblical narrative has God instructing Moses to tell the...

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Proof – Va’era 5784

God instructs Moses to gather the elders of the Israelites and announce to them that their ancestral God has appeared to him and given him the mission to free them from slavery and return them to their ancestral homeland. Additionally, God tells Moses that the elders...

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Words to Live By

What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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