Making Places Holy – VaYetze 5782

For days, weeks, and months after the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, mourners, social activists, and concerned citizens flocked to the site where he was choked for an agonizing eight minutes and forty-six seconds. The street where George...

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Isaac the Brave – Toldot 5782

The Zohar (Bereshit 264a) imputes different character traits to each of the patriarchs. Abraham is said to embody love, Isaac is said to embody valor, and Jacob is said to embody truth. This is all very strange. It is hard to reconcile Abraham’s love with his...

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Hayye Sarah 5782 – Guilt

The last we hear of Yishmael he was banished against the better judgment of his father Abraham and takes up residence in the Wilderness of Paran (Genesis 21:21). Suited to his wild tendencies (Genesis 16:12) Yishmael becomes a bowman and seems to lead an irresolute...

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Words to Live By

What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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